Verge 32

3 Storey Bungalow

kcc development (m) sdn. bhd.
taman melawati, kuala lumpur
area | work scope
5,183 sqft
interior conceptual design, spatial planning & build
completion date
january 2016
project value
RM 610,000

The epitome of luxury, this home beautifully blends classic elements with present modern day features, creating a home that demands attention.Graced with a generous 12’ feet ceiling on each floor, this home perfectly fits the fundamentals of showcasing a luxurious and glamorous interior. The modern classic twist is beautifully laid out throughout this home, from the plush furnishings to the sublime finishing touches.

Guests are welcomed by a foyer with an epic proportion projecting the grandeur profile of the owner. The 3-storeys Bungalow is further defined by floors which have their own concept followed by the functions – Lower Ground, a place for social gathering; Ground Floor where by all essential living areas are located; and the First Floor, rooms that showcase the individuality and character.

All the essential living areas such as living hall, dining hall and kitchens are located on the ground floor whereby they further enhance the classical ambiance of the bungalow. The retention of intricate profiles on the furnishing is matched with a modern colour palette, creating a harmonious blend of classical past and modern simplicity.

Bedroom on the first floor express personal preference alongside their characters. The gorgeous master suite is lavish in monochrome. With classic style influences, the generous space is divided into a working suite, bedchamber and walk-in wardrobe exclusively. All tied to the concept of modern classic, intricacy and sophistication can be seen in every corner suite. The other bedrooms shown both reflect its own personal style. Pastel tones give a more feminine into the other bedroom depicts a more masculine setting.