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Since 2013, Metrics Global has been agents of change in the brewery of interior design ideation.

Offering expertise in project planning, concept and construction, interior development of property galleries and show units, 3D designing and modelling, as well as design consultation in the service industry, we are a multiple award-winning, turnkey interior design firm who steer projects from blueprint to execution.

More importantly, we share an innate understanding to necessitate factors that help our clients stand out in today’s highly competitive market by imparting specialties that deliver distinctive interior designing.

Exquisite, strong and like that awakening thrill from a precious cup of coffee, our aspirations inspire only, the most tasteful delivery.

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April 2018

Penthouse at Nusa Rhu, Bangsar

Proudly situated in one of Bangsar’s matured residential enclaves, Nusa Rhu offers a level of privacy and tranquillity in the city that few other developments can match. Aside from its impressive security system and extremely low density, the development also has exceptional facilities and features including a manmade waterfall. It is therefore not hard to see why anyone fortunate enough to live here would want to make the most of it by turning their penthouse into a veritable palace fit for a king. Having recognised the upscale nature of the address and taken the owner’s tastes into account, the team created an interior that delicately balances vintage aesthetics with modern elements.


October 2017

Canopy Hills


The theme depicted is modern, cozy and young, suitable to the target audience which are young professionals and newly-weds. With the cooler and pastel hue palettes, fabrics panels are widely used in the show flat giving the space a softer touch. Vertical lines and glazing are used on the wall and cabinets surfaces to convey an illusion of larger and spacious space.


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