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We take pride in our constant drive to produce results beyond expectation and satisfaction of our clients.


Evaluating the key criteria of a project through a creative process that generates effective conceptualisation, Metrics Global creates windowsof opportunities through design concepts that keep clients consistently relevant to the evolving needs of today’s contemporary lifestyles. In other words, all proposed ideas are sensitively on point from get-go.

ID Consultation

We also provide professional design consultancy services in the hospitality and development industry that are managed on a turnkey basis, from fresh concepts straight down to execution, encompassing market and commercial studies, design competitiveness, budgeting and cost control, as well as quality and workmanship control.


Offering expertise in design development for numerous show houses and major developments since 2008, Metrics Global expands the scope of form and function by imparting interior design know-hows that offer the capacity to improve lifestyles and living standards in Malaysia. Expanding the scale of building concepts also greatly uphold our integrity to remain ahead of competition where theory, concept, function and design is concerned.