Icon Gallery
by Hatten Group

hatten group
terminal pahlawan, melaka
area | work scope
24,800 sqft
spatial planning, interior scheme proposal, interior design & build
completion date
december 2015
project value
RM 2,400,000

An impressive 25,000 square feet show gallery, dedicated to showcasing the projects from Hatten Group. The ICON Gallery is set up with mesmerizing interiors and immersive experiences created to give a feel for the developments created by the visionaries at Hatten Group.

By promoting ICON, which serves as the corporate philosophy, representing Innovative, Calibre, Opportunity as well as Nurture, Hatten Group has now expanded further with the Group’s Vision and Mission to the public proudly. The Icon Gallery showcases various Hatten Group’s projects including Hatten City, Imperio, Unicity, Vedro by the River, Capital City and Harbour City. Each of the showcases represents the design concept & elements proudly in Icon Gallery.

Despite all these individual galleries, Icon Gallery is a major presentation area of Hatten Group to the public, facilitated with meeting rooms, a convertible bar & coffee space, play room for children, VVIP hosting lounge, a presentation theatre which accommodates up to 40 people in a show. Last but not least, all visitors are welcome to a large video screen at the central area, and various multimedia displays, providing all impressions and information at ease.

“Dynamic and Vibrant”, Vedro revolutionizes Melaka City with its cutting-edge architecture, avant-garde interiors all encompassed in an ultra-modern retail hub

An eclectic hub built especially for students, the perfect place to work and play!

“Discover the fusion of cultures here at Capital City.”

Harbour City

By depicting the development’s components & entire building exterior, Harbour City gallery is built as if a sailing ship with an astonishing outlook, breaking away from the conventional property galleries. Anchoring in the middle of ICON Gallery, this large-scale sailing ship goes beyond all conventional property and presentation galleries. This real scale ship is built with experienced artists, featuring vintage ship with flavourful texture and colours, together with props for instance barrels, crates, railings, and standees. Harbour City Experiential Gallery allows the public to feel and experience the excitement of Harbour City including the 6 levels ocean-concept shopping mall, indoor and outdoor theme park, as well as 3 hotel towers. This crafted ship also catered for the latest project launching events by Hatten Group in June 2016.