Uroko Private Dinning

Uroko Restaurants
Nova Saujana, Shah Alam, Selangor
area | work scope
interior concept design & planning renovation of entire interior & frontage
completion date
september 2022
project value

Extending from the re-known high quality Japanese cuisine at Section 16 PJ and Nova Saujana, it is the Uroko Private Dining, launched with a new omakase experience right next to the Nova Saujana’s outlet. It requires a holistic approach that considers both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the space. The dining experience was designed to reflect the artistic and refined cuisine, with sense of warmth and hospitality.

During the design process, collaboration and communication  are key, as I work closely with the chef and client to  understand their vision, preferences, and goals for the space.  This involves exploring ideas for the layout, materials,  finishes, and lighting, as well as considering how the space  can be optimized for the seamless delivery of the dining  experience. Aspects such as the flow of service,  soundproofing, and the incorporation of a kitchen or sushi  counter are all important considerations that can enhance  the guest experience.

Natural materials such as timber and stone were widely used, blends well and bring warmth to the space, with use of subtle accents such as brass and metals, it added a touch of sophistication to the interior. Careful attention was paid to other details, including selections of tableware, custom-designed furniture and light fixtures.