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Building Lives 2019


We embarked on yet another ambitious corporate social responsibility endeavour in an effort to save the environment and improve the local community.

A were that the biggest catalyst for national growth is a knowledgeable society, We made promoting the habit of reading in current and futuregenerations its 2019 mission. Part of this its efforts included its first libary and communal areas rehabilitation programme at SJK (C) Batu 9, Cheras which was officially launched on 22 June 2019 in conjunction with the school's Open Day. A joint effort with Carnaby Production, the entire project was divided into three separate stages and carried out at different points in time prior to the launch ceremony.


Satge 1 which was carried out in April 2019 was called Building Lives by Recreating Spaces and involved redesigning the school libary. Students from Saito University College, Point College and INTI International University were invited to submit their interior design proposals which had to be based on theme Building Lives. The winning cencept was Germination by Goh Vhin Boon fromPoint College which was then executed over the course of two months by us with the strong support of various sponsor.

Named Reviving the Landscape by Reintroducing Greenery, the next stage aimend to raise awareness of environmental sutainability in order to address climate change. To that end, the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia sponsored 200 trees which were each assigned to one Standard 6 pupil who would be responsible for their welbeing. Department representatives were present on Open Day to demonstrate how to plant and grow them. Once the trees have grown to a mature height, they will be transferred to secondary forests and recreational parks.


The last stage, appropriately called Influencing You and I, One Another, involved engaging in a chain of impactful collaborations with real estate developers. We welcomed and continues to invite companies to collaborate with thme on any kind of relevant intiative from nurturing trees in a township to creating pocket gardens inside shopping malls.

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