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Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019 - 2020

It’s a Hat Trick for Metrics Global
3 Years in a Row in Asia Pacific Property Awards

Metrics Global has once again achieved notable success in Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019-2020, one of the most prestigious industry events in the region. 

Companies received awards for categories ranging across property development, real estate, interior design and architecture.

Take pride in property show homes make-over by introducing lifestyle to potential users, Metrics Global is weaving a multi award-winning legend with proven excellence for 

3 years consecutive. This round, the passion grows even greater with three 5-star accolades in bag and running for one regional nominee in global stage.

The awards giving ceremony took place earlier on 13th and 14th May 2019 in Marriott Marquis Queens Park, Bangkok. 

Metrics Global takes this opportunity to congratulate all other winners of Asia Pacific Property Awards, together all winners set new benchmarks for the industry’s glistening future.

Metrics Global’s Proven Excellence
This year, all three 5-star accolades won by Metrics Global include:

The Best Interior Design Apartment, Malaysia 5-star 
- Warmest Place on The Earth at Puteri Cove Residences -

The Best Interior Design Private Residence, Malaysia 5-star 
- Infinite Affinity at 20trees Residence, Taman Melawati -

The Best Interior Design Show Home, Malaysia 5-star 
-  Aweterm at Puteri Cove Residences -

Aweterm at Puteri Cove Residences is also running for a regional nominee in global stage, which the result will be unveiled by the end of year 2019 in London, United Kingdom.

It is an amazing journey for Metrics Global to achieve higher in the Asia Pacific Property Awards this year. 

We sincerely thank you for the overwhelming supports throughout the years.

There will be more fabulous works coming up from the team and we look forward to upcoming collaborations.

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