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Sunrise MCL Land Corporate Office
Sales Gallery



June 2020


Jalan Forest Heights 8, Taman Tan Chee Hoe, 70450 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan


Sunrise Mcl Land Sdn Bhd

Our client, a well-known developer in Malaysia, was looking to transform their existing property gallery located at Forest Heights, Seremban into a welcoming and homey yet inspiring space for their customers. The brief was to create a cosy, biophile-themed gallery that was both aesthetic and functional.

Inspired by the location (Forest Heights), we chose to envision the space as an Urban Garden Oasis.

To embody this, we incorporated sleek white-grey marble with the rustic warmth of polished wood grain set against the warm neutrality of tan beige. Adding texture and visual depth to the atmosphere is an abundance of greenery (hanging vines, potted plants, feature wall, green tile in the washrooms, etc.). Meanwhile, strategic lighting and softer touches such as aromatherapy create sensory depth to the ambiance. The overall mood has both professional gravitas yet is personal and down-to-earth with a sense of homeliness without compromising on style.

Project info.

This property gallery consists of Gallery Hall, Gallery Loft, MSD’s Office, Discussion Lounge, Bar Lounge and Waiting Lounge. All these areas are open-flow and interconnected but at the same time, adjustable to create a sense of privacy with each area serving its own purpose. 

The Gallery Hall and Gallery Loft are separated by a slidable display panel, while the Gallery Loft and Discussion Lounge are separated by bifold glass doors. A layer of sheer curtain is added in between these areas to create audible and visual privacy for users. The slidable display panel serves a dual role as a partition as well as an information poster setup thus achieving the client’s request for multi-functionality.

The original existing column in the middle of the gallery hall was a challenge as it was obtrusive and affected the flow of the layout. We managed to transform the column into a useful yet aesthetic structure. It now serves as a built-in display shelf cum brochure rack featuring a light wood grain laminate surface - another functional yet aesthetic part of the design. 

Colour-wise, beige is set as the neutralising tone. As seen mainly in the Bar Lounge area, the tan accents add cosiness and a homey feel that complements the cool grey-whites. A warm infusion of natural light through the full height glass panel angles into the Bar Lounge area while potted plants suspended above the island on a minimalist steel rack create a refreshing and energetic ‘home kitchen’ vibe. Washrooms feature a deeper forest colour tone. The doors are treated with dark timber batten with dark green wall tiling and granite hue floor tiles. Warm lighting adds depth and class.

Each item of furniture was carefully selected to serve its own function for the particular area.  Carefully thought out, even the type and size of furniture can convey different messages to the user. For example, the big sofa in the waiting area is a symbol of welcome to the customers. Lounge chairs and coffee tables are set up for casual discussions and the modular tables in the discussion lounge can be split into 5 tables or reassembled as a bigger table depending on the need. 

The result - a model show room of form and functionality. This property gallery is user-friendly with optimum space planning yet the design is effortless, modern, light and breezy… all meticulously executed to deliver quality, style and substance.

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