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Penthouse at Nusa Rhu, Bangsar



April 2018


Nusa Rhu Residences, Bangsar


Dato Cynthia Lim

Project info.

Proudly situated in one of Bangsar’s matured residential enclaves, Nusa Rhu offers a level of privacy and tranquillity in the city that few other developments can match. Aside from its impressive security system and extremely low density, the development also has exceptional facilities and features including a manmade waterfall. It is therefore not hard to see why anyone fortunate enough to live here would want to make the most of it by turning their penthouse into a veritable palace fit for a king. Having recognised the upscale nature of the address and taken the owner’s tastes into account, the team created an interior that delicately balances vintage aesthetics with modern elements.

The home makes a grand statement from the start with black double doors sporting shiny brass handles that open to reveal a table that calls to mind a reception desk. Just behind it is a stylish black patterned partition that further visually separates the entrance from the living room. Inside, the primarily black and white colour scheme allows the finer details added at strategic points throughout the abode. For starters, decorative wall art made out of brass adorn the black-clad walls flanking the front doors and serve as a hint of what to expect in the rest of the residence.

A tan L-shaped sofa, positioned to face the television mounted on the partition and its accompanying black television cabinet, adds a touch of colourful personality that is complemented by a simple wooden coffee table and the artistic rug underfoot. Defined by the white floor tiles used for it, the living area is illuminated by lights installed in the borders of its recessed ceiling which makes it feel even more spacious. Several woven pieces of art decorate the wall above the piano, further adding colour and character to the area.

Separating it from the dining area are a strip of black floor tiles and a set of black-framed glass sliding doors that do not quite meet thanks to a black pillar at the centre point. As expected, black is the more dominant colour here and a more artistic flair has been applied to give the space its own unique personality. Framed by mosaic floor tiles and furnished with a long dining table and padded high chairs, this area has been crafted to look like a house within a house with its black roof structure and vintage pendant lights. For an added touch of cosiness, a quirky upholstered bench lines the bit of wall under the windows.

Where the home’s bedrooms are concerned, each inner sanctum has also been finely tailored to have its own distinct appearance and character reflective of the owners and their twin daughters. The defining feature of the master bedroom is the triangle-patterned steel blue wall panels behind the bed. In a stroke of ingenuity, the inner side of the bedroom door has been decorated to match them and create the appearance of a seemingly seamless wall when the door is closed.

In the case of the twins’ bedrooms, they are wildly different from one another as their occupants have wildly different personalities. One bedroom has a black-framed white brick wall section where an enormous black dream-catcher hangs above the bed. Matched with vintage pendant lights, these items provide an interesting contrast to the more modern items present like the mosaic rug at the foot of the bed and the asymmetrical cupboard connecting the study table to the ceiling. Meanwhile, the other bedroom has its bed tucked into the corner created by the walk-in wardrobe. Here, illumination is provided by a light designed to look like a geometric bird perched on a brass ring hanging from the ceiling.

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