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One Stonor Sales Gallery & Show Home



Jul 2017


Platinum Park, KLCCP


Malaysia Land Sdn. Bhd.

One Stonor is a luxury condominium development by Mayland Group; targeting young professionals, singles, double income earners and newlyweds.

Project info.

This 8,000sqft Sales Gallery is strategically located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre, welcoming guests from metropolitan background Guests are introduced with One Stonor digitally in a Presentation Hall, segregated with a curved divider, screened with Copper and Black tones. The development is also presented through placing a Township and the Building Scale Model right beside the Presentation Hall. The pedestals are enveloped in ascending layers of copper strips, giving them an art-like appearance. The scheme of interior is restricting to the grayscale, accent with metallic copper tones vastly throughout. Complemented with corporate styled upholstery seating, and fabric padded claddings, the design demonstrates a mellow side of the metropolitan city.

As a reflection of the city, the interior design adopted a highly metropolitan concept - A sleek corporate interior style that defines and relates closely to its visitors. The overall space had included the Reception and Sales Space for the development, adding on with 3 different show homes – 1bedroom unit, 2-bedrooms unit and 3-bedrooms unit. All of the 3 units are designed in different concepts, providing varieties of viewing experience, introducing lifestyles and captured wide range of audience.  The 1-bedroom is an intercontinental styled SOHO that combines the conventionally heavy oriental designs with minimal western elements. A daring concoction of various interior elements, the space radiates the wealth of the East and the West, acting as an encompassment of the multicultural society today.

The 2-bedroom unit adopts a concept that reflects a metropolitan man - Fashionable, classy, confident, and mysterious. At the same time tender, organized, and coherent. When applied to interior context, the space is created using almost monochromatic palette, classily complemented with selected timber tones and metallic colours. Last but not least: the 3-bedroom unit. It is designed in a subtle luxe manner with a tint of European influence. Reflecting modern classic with harmonious blend, the elements in the house was designed with refined linear, thin and sleek edges, bright colours which accentuate with tint of gold accent and carefully selected tones to complement.

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