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Koi Prima Show Unit



Jul 2015


Masteron Grand Pavilion Sales Gallery, Puhong


Masteron Grand Pavilion

Uncluttered Aesthetic Living “ Wellness and health concerns play a vital role within the Koi Prima project. A 1.5-acre piece of land adjacent to the development will be transformed into Prima Park, where will be tennis court, basketball court, futsal court, outdoor gym, reflexology path, playground and extreme park for those who love an active lifestyle.

Project info.

The developer will be focusing on a green outlook, by incorporating a thematic hanging garden and reserving 45% of the podium’s area to feature a gorgeous green-scape.” – Source from Koi Prima Website, From the statement above, it clearly stated that the developer is highly emphasized on the health and active lifestyle.

To advocate this image, the show unit is rehabilitated into a soothing colour scheme, minimalism, and playfulness style; mainly showcasing a calming environment to bring the mind down to the basics.

The living area comprises an eye-catching glass panel housing a vertical garden, immerses its guests in forest-like serenity. Keeping the furnishing simple, the refinement of the green vertical garden stands out. Furthermore, the complement of the neutral colour scheme, successfully enhances the coziness of the space.

The linear pendant light is one of the important features at dining hall. With the light colour of table and chairs, it becomes a bold element to the space. The clean lines and reflective mirror of the space has perfectly created a harmonious blend of minimalist modern and sophisticated style. Moreover, the laundry with a functional pull out rattan basket provides its practical value to the users. Master bedroom is made up of elegance ambiance in darker tone with a tint of gold elements. The dynamic shape of bedside table and carefully used of lighting effect, created a luxurious chic ambiance to the room. Blue padded headboard in Bedroom 1 reflects a minimalist modern ambiance. While, bedroom 2 features a feminine kid room to the users. The feature bedhead design with linear line in pattern has happily created a playful ambiance to the room. The complement of soft pastel colour scheme and lovely furnishing such as (boy and girl) table lamp, amplified the cozy and lively ambiance within.

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