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Icon Gallery



Mar 2017


Bentong, Pahang


Hatten Group

It was a challenge to set place for a property gallery at a newly built shop houses located in Bentong, Pahang. A 3-storey corner lot which takes up a total of 7,323 sqft has marked the new destination to property buyers and visitors from all over the place, caters a sales gallery, administration space and a weekend home for the owner.

Project info.

The Icon Gallery Bentong had depicted design elements from the main gallery at Terminal Pahlawan. Similarly, large amount of wood grain and neutral colour palettes are applied into the interior, while accentuate with tint of metallic tone. A grand angled-entrance was designed to adapt the gallery’s corner frontage, framed with matte black metal door and architrave. Guests are welcomed with a geometrical reception, compliment with a camouflage cabinet with diagonal grain directions. An artificial green wall is set up at the lounge area where discussions are to be held, with a tint of blue accent.

A total 2,800 sqft administration space accommodates up to 24 workstations at the first floor. The space was designed with grayscale scheme which creates clean, minimal and professional ambience. While for the weekend home at second floor, large amount of earthy tone and natural sunlight with tint of wood grains were introduced to the interior. The weekend home celebrates family common space which we had introduced an open concept pantry cum kitchen, breakfast table integrates with the living and dining space, not forgetting a corner for kids, adapts the “Tatami” concept with playful colours and loose furniture.

The gallery was open for operation since March 2017, serving to introduce a whole new lifestyle experience to the residences at Pahang.

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