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Jul 2017


Damansara City


Miss Kok

Located at the heart of Damansara, the 2,700 sqft 3-bedroom apartment is home to a family of 4. The living hall is furnished with nature-themed colours and materials, such as earth tones and use of wood in various shades. To soften the overall look, the space is completed with a neutral-toned cozy shaggy rug.

Project info.

The dining room continues the nature theme from living hall, using a variety of wood. Colour usage such as dark grey and light wood complements the existing kitchen cabinets design. Bar stools and fining chairs are upholstered with brown leather for a classy and cozy finish. To avoid flatness, reflective materials such as tea mirror are used at dining feature cabinet to brighten up the space. The bookshelf and display cabinet in the family room is designed with dark grey and light wood colours, creating a serious and cool ambience for work and study. 

To take away some of the heaviness of the full height cabinet, a day bed is designed as part of it, upholstered with cream fabric finish. The study ledge, finished in a light wood tone, acts as a contrast against the dark coloured book cabinet. In bedroom 2, the tall cabinet for extra storage is finished in timber, as well as the study top. Brown leather on the bedhead compliments the timber material, both in a similar natural tone. In bedroom 3, the full height cabinet for extra storage space is in a light wood finish, to brighten and lighten the space. A beautiful light teal textured wall finish acts as an accent colour for the room.‚Äč

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