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July 2020


Garden Villas, Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru


Designed with a taste for refinement, personality and practicality, every inch of this exquisite family home is thoughtfully curated to reflect the character and personal needs of its inhabitants – a marvel of form, functionality and fun.

Project info.

It began as a bare 2,500 sq.ft. double storey cluster house in Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru. Today, it is a stylish, avant-garde yet deeply personalised space filled with warmth for a growing family of four.

A fully custom design, the ground floor is an airy open-planned arena with smooth flow from kitchen, dining room, bar and living hall which extends right out onto the long outdoor terrace with minimalist, landscaped garden and artistic water feature. This concept extends the vision throughout the home, infusing the lower floor with natural light for a welcoming, sun-soaked ambiance. While aesthetically pleasing, this spacious layout serves a dual purpose – to connect the activity of the whole family while allowing parental supervision of their kids, both indoors and outdoors. The pièce de resistance is a fully equipped, entertainment annex fitted with state-of-the-art karaoke equipment for this fun-loving family.

Upstairs is a cosy labyrinth of rooms with each personal space embodying the character of its owner. The master bedroom is an absolute masterpiece of comfort, luxury and style. The space was maximised to the fullest, housing a luxuriously appointed bedroom connecting seamlessly to a walk-in closet and extra-large bathroom with complete fixtures. Branching off is an executive study with large glass panels overlooking a serene garden-scape. The interior aesthetic is a subtle balance of masculine and feminine elements - dark granite bathroom tiles, tastefully selected white ceramics and a modern vanity. To offset the rustic wood flooring are slim gold panels that add warmth and luxury to sombre grey walls. Meanwhile, the white marble on hickory wood shelving with long mirrored cabinets give the illusion of a larger space.

Design-wise, the kid’s rooms are tastefully done with elements of fun and character added. Defining features include a blush pink open plan wardrobe and a study space along with built-in sleeping niche with a custom wallpaper ‘Frozen’ feature wall. In the second bedroom, a raised platform forms the base of the bed with a skirting light feature accented by light blue wall panels. Connected conveniently via a top-hinged sliding door is a cosy edutainment play area for the kids.

Throughout the home, a sense of zen and tranquillity is achieved via the use of polished hickory wood flooring, a mixture of white and black Calcutta marble, grey-textured wallpaper, neutral-toned black out curtains and taupe-laminated cabinetry that gives a matte finish to this otherwise glossy space. Bringing this monochrome palette to life are bright elements such as a pair of royal blue velvet armchairs, gold tinted bar stools and contemporary wall art.

Outdoors, the extended car porch and widened gate offers generous room for two parked cars. Defining the façade of the home is a specially commissioned, matte stainless steel automatic gate with die cut house number - a chic design that provides safety and visibility while serving as a standout feature of the home. Truly well thought-out, this is a home that is big on comfort without compromising on style, character and quality.

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